RWCTF 3rd Billboard Writeup

Overview Billboard is a public chain CTF challenge built by using Cosmos SDK and Tendermint. Note that there hasn’t been any kind of challenges like this before. Cosmos This chapter is intended to provide a brief introduction to the underlying Cosmos SDK for those who are not familiar with it. Cosmos Blockchain Loosely speaking, a blockchain is made up of many blocks chained together by some cryptographic methods. Each block contains plenty of transactions.


OpenMP介绍 OpenMP 是 Open MultiProcessing 的缩写。OpenMP 并不是一个简单的函数库,也不是一种独立的并行语言,而是为多处理器上编写并行程序而设计的指导共享内


Manjaro Linux基于ArchLinux的发行版,继承了Arch轻量级,软件多的特性,并带有图形化的安装界面,易于安装配置。 配置软件源 选择最快的官